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Do you have a Post COVID-19 Small Business Plan?

Let’s face it. The business world has changed over our shelter-at-home time. It will end —thankfully — but will you be ready? Will your competitors be ready? Now is the time to ask some important questions to make sure your answer is yes. When I view the business climate right now, I picture the Kentucky Derby. The horses are lined up and ready to go. Just waiting for the moment the gates open. When they do, customers will race out of the gate at once. Will you be ready for them?

5 Steps to Get Your Small Business Post COVID-19 Ready:

1) End Stronger than you Began

What are you doing now to make your business stronger than before social distancing? You will want to look back on this challenging time in history as the time something changed for the good. Take back control over your business. What can your business do during this time to serve your customers and the community?

• Say Thank You to those that continue to support your business. And tell those that are unable that you are anxious to see them again. Social Media is the perfect place to talk to your current customer base.

• Stay positive. Communicate confidence and efforts you are making to build a stronger company during this time.

• Plan your Grand Re-Opening campaign now.

2) Tackle the Bottom of your To Do List

What task have you been putting off due to the day to day pressures of your business traffic? Do It Now! There are amazing things at the bottom of our To Do list. Tasks that could bring your business to the next level.

• Have you been contemplating adding a new product line? Opening a new location? Expanding into eCommerce?

• Does your staff need increased training and expertise in a certain area of your business? Use virtual training methods to build a stronger team. Now is the time to review those ideas and decide on the best plan of action for your company.

3) Clean Up!

While everyone is doing a physical deep clean in their storefronts, now is also the time to do the same for your digital storefront.

• Review all content on your website and social media to make sure that all information is correct and relevant to your customers. Review your competitors’ website and social media. What are the market leaders doing?

• Location, location, location. Every new business owner knows how important location is to the survival of your business. Ask yourself: What is the location of my digital storefront? Google your business. Think like your customers and google keywords that they would be searching while in the market for your product or service. Consider an active digital marketing plan to increase the exposure of your digital location to your customers. SEO and Pay per Click digital strategies are a smart choice right now.

4) Work ON your business.

Most small business owners work tirelessly IN their business and have very little time and energy at the end of the day to work ON their business. Now is the time to do an audit of your marketing plan.

• What is your strategy to reach your customers? How has it changed as your business and your customers have changed? Where do your customers spend their time and are you talking to them there?

• Audit each advertising medium to weigh your return on investment. Consider re-allocating your advertising budget to the platforms that are delivering results for your business. Now is also the time to drop those that are not.

5) Get a 2nd Opinion.

Marketing your business is something that every owner can do independently but very few have enough time to properly study and devote expertise to it. Consider partnering with a local marketing agency that knows your business and can help you promote it while you invest your valuable time on your specialty: running your business. INSPYR Marketing Agency is offering the following to all local businesses.

FREE :30 minute Virtual Meeting

FREE Creative Messaging Ideas for your business

FREE Marketing Consultation

Waived Setup fees for any social or digital advertising

Reduced management fees for all digital or social advertising executed by INSPYR Agency

Let our team of experts brainstorm with you and collaborate on a refreshed marketing strategy to take your business into the post COVID-19 season. The world has changed. Consumers have changed. Make sure your business is adapting to these changes and is prepared for the surge of business that will be let out of the gate soon.

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