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Media Planning is the process of selecting the optimal media mix for reaching a client’s target audience. INSPYR works closely with Central Illinois businesses to determine their advertising goals and identify who the target audience is or should be.

The Media Planning process includes researching, identifying, analyzing, comparing, planning, and working within an established budget. In conducting market research, data is gathered to analyze the local market, review industry trends, assess the competition, identify target audiences and understand exactly where that audience is most engaged with ad content. Various media outlets are evaluated to determine the best strategy for traditional media such as TV, Radio, Print, Billboards, Connected TV Streaming and/or digital and social media advertising such as Google AdWords, Facebook, YouTube, etc. 


Media Buying is the execution after the Media Planning process.  At INSPYR we have developed a relationship with local advertising media outlets and their representatives to buy and negotiate competitive rates for our clients. 

The Media Buying process includes purchasing traditional media outlets like TV, Radio, Print, Billboards, and Connected TV Streaming. We purchase advertisements in specific programs and dayparts after analyzing the target audience’s demographics, income, lifestyle and spending habits to have the most impact on our client’s marketing goals. 

While working with our local clients we continue to see the value of traditional media alongside digital and social media advertising.  While digital and social media advertising continue to grow in importance, combined with traditional media advertising there is a consistent message that reaches all advertising platforms.  Traditional media is also an excellent place to highlight events and to reinforce brand awareness. 


  • TV

  • Radio

  • Print

  • Billboards

  • TV Streaming

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