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At INSPYR, we’re passionate about helping local businesses get found online, generate more traffic, leads and revenue through digital marketing initiatives. We understand that not all digital marketing efforts work for every company. After familiarizing ourselves with your goals, budgets, and brand, we develop a customized digital marketing strategy that best fits your company’s needs. The INSPYR team has multiple certifications and optimized Google Adwords campaigns allowing us to be a Google Partner. As a part of the Google Partners program, we have access to a wide range of benefits, including the ability to be externally recognized as a Partner or Premier Partner.


Google continues to dominate the paid advertising world with approximately 75% of the population using Google as their search engine. Google Adwords is a great way to drive business to your website, generate leads and increase customer engagement. There are two types of Google advertising including Google Search and Google Display.

Our Google Ads Management Includes:

• Complete Google Ads setup, management, and optimization.

• In-depth keyword and competitor research, to determine the best targeting opportunities.

• A/B testing to improve ROI.

• Call and Conversion tracking set up through the client’s Google Analytics account to provide ROI results.

• Reporting dashboard with monthly or quarterly results


Google Search Ads vs. Google Display Ads


Google Search ads show to active searchers on Google’s Search Engine Search Results pages. Google Display allows you to place your ads on a variety of sites across the internet. This collection of websites, which ranges from blogs to YouTube, is referred to as the Google Display Network. Google Display ad formats include Gmail, video, banners, dynamic and responsive.


Whenever you type a word, question or phrase into Google, or any other search engine such as Yahoo, several results will appear. In most cases, the first results you see are paid advertisements, followed by map results which are actually Google Places or Business Listings.

You will see organic search engine listings after the paid advertisements and map results. You may also see additional advertisements at the bottom of the search results page. Organic search refers to unpaid or free search results.

• Designed for those who want a professional review of their SEO and PPC accounts for errors, issues, suggestions, and opportunities for growth.

• In-depth diagnosis of your SEO and PPC accounts

• Conversion tracking set up

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