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Where INSPYR began:

  • Client wanted direction on their advertising spending as they were not confident that their money was being spent in the right way or in the appropriate amount

  • Their goal was for continued brand awareness

  • Client’s media budget was being spent on 21 different Comcast stations

Marketing Strategy:

  • Targeted college demographic in the spring and 55+ demographic in the fall

  • Focused media buy on smaller number of networks, down to 8 from 21 networks, to strengthen reach & frequency of message

  • After further research, we cut their TV budget and refocused dollars into more relevant areas for core demographic with a digital and social campaign strategy i.e. took ½ of print budget and used it in digital and social media

  • Website updated to make it more user friendly and provide more cohesive look

Marketing Results:

  • Spending less on a monthly basis

  • Booked at 90-100% capacity

  • Reached capacity earlier and continuing longer throughout the year

  • Increased number of users to website over 5 times

  • Increased number of pages viewed 4 times year over year

  • Set-up lead tracking for ROI to track phone calls, form submissions, website engagement, etc.

  • Recommended website updates to make it more user friendly for form submissions and added hyperlinks for lower bounce rate

INSPYR Services:

  • Media Planning/Buying

  • Digital Advertising

  • Social Advertising

  • Creative

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