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Is it Time to Hire a Marketing Agency?

Every business owner knows the importance of marketing and advertising to grow their business. Very few believe in the Field of Dreams mentality of “If you build it, they will come.” Business plans include the key element of Marketing and Advertising to have a strategic plan to raise awareness and bring in new customers. So where do things go wrong?

Where do things go wrong?

TIME is where things go wrong. A limited 24 hours a day is our barrier. A business owner’s most important commodity is THEIR TIME. Deciding the most profitable way to spend the limited hours of your day is priceless. As a new business owner, all tasks are on your shoulders. You run the day-to-day business. But you also handle other duties: real estate, legal, payroll, HR, marketing, tech support and even maintenance. At some point, you realize that certain duties need to be outsourced to free up your time to do what only you can do — oversee implementation of the overall vision of your company.

Is it time to outsource Marketing and Advertising? Or is it time to assign more duties to your current Marketing Agency? Let’s look at some ways that outsourcing can provide a greater ROI for your company.

Save Time!

Hiring a marketing agency can save your staff valuable time and effort. Most small to mid-size companies do not have a marketing team. Most have one person assigned to marketing duties while also wearing many other hats within the company. At INSPYR Agency, we pride ourselves on being an extension of your team. We strategize together and do the heavy lifting for you. All while you spend your time doing what you do best — running your business.

Save Money!

Having a marketing agency on your team saves you money by only paying for the services you need —when you need them. Most small local businesses do not have the workload to keep a graphic designer on staff. Or a photographer/videographer. Or a media buyer to assist working with TV, radio and print companies selling you advertising. Or a social media director to post relevant and engaging content in a strategic manner to increase engagement with your company. An agency has all these resources for you to tap into on an as-needed basis to keep your costs low.

Gain Perspective!

Agencies have teams of highly educated and experienced marketing professionals brainstorming about YOUR business. With that, comes a unique perspective from many different directions. Feedback from experts outside your day-to-day distractions can provide you with advice needed to bring your business to the next level. Agencies work with many businesses that are trying creative things. Some are working, some are not. An agency’s perspective helps you to avoid the “trial and error” form of advertising that so many businesses are forced into with low start up costs.

At INSPYR, our specialty is helping small businesses survive and thrive in this crazy economic climate. Most importantly, we do that within YOUR BUDGET. We have many different marketing tools in our tool belt to customize what is best for you today. And strategize with you on what might work best for you tomorrow. We are in this together and here when you need us.

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