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Where INSPYR began:

  • Client started digital marketing, but did not understand the process and wanted to work with someone who fully understood it and could help explain it to them

  • Desired increase in online ordering

  • Needed brand clarification with multiple locations and multiple owners

Marketing Strategy:

  • Increased digital presence with digital ad campaigns

  • Introduced consistent social media management and social advertising strategy

  • Website cleaned up to provide easier online ordering and brand clarification

  • Developed campaigns tailored to highlight daily specials

  • Created yearly budget for focused advertising to support their monthly goals

Marketing Results:

  • Website traffic doubled to 16,000 visits per month

  • Website bounce rate went down to less than 1% from 50%

  • Facebook engagement increased significantly by 21%

  • Online ordering doubled

INSPYR Services:

  • Media Planning/Buying

  • Digital Advertising

  • Social Advertising

  • Creative

  • Event Support


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