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Have you ever posted a giveaway on social media only to be disappointed by the results? I mean, come one people, it's FREE!?!?

We know, it doesn't make any sense. But that is how competitive the market is today. Even GIVEAWAYS sometimes flop. But we have seen giveaway success first hand and survived to tell the tale.

Before you dive into giveaway bliss, decide what your objectives are:

What do you want out of your giveaway? Is it more followers? User generated content? Are you trying to attract your current audience or attract new? Setting a goal will help give you direction on your content, your price of your giveaway item/s, what platform to use and more.

Choose a prize that your audience will love. Free is not enough these days. People need to be motivated to participate. Choosing a prize that is worth their time and engagement will matter drastically on how well your giveaway performs.

Write the correct giveaway caption. Are your rules clear and concise? Do they grab the readers' attention? Are you reaching the correct audience?

Click here to read about an INSPYR giveaway management case study that increased Instagram impressions by 387.06% organically, Instagram reach by 321.13% organically, Instagram followers by 2,400 in 4 weeks organically, and Facebook engagement rate per posts from 4.72% to 23.92%

Need a fresh look at your social media strategy? Schedule a 30 minute FREE consultation with a member of our team to brainstorm ideas for you. We'd love to get to know you and be a resource for your business. Contact us today!

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