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What is SEO?

An SEO marketing strategy is a comprehensive plan to get more visitors to your website through search engines. Successful SEO includes on-page strategies, which use intent-based keywords; and off-page strategies, which earn inbound links from other websites.

To optimize your site, you need to improve ranking factors in three areas — technical website setup, content, and links.

1. Technical Set-up

For your website to rank, three things must happen: a. A search engine needs to find your pages on the web. b. A search engine must scan your pages to understand their topics and identify their keywords. c. A search engine needs to add your pages to it's database of all the content it has found on the web. This way, it's algorithm can consider displaying your website for relevant queries.

2. Content

Every time you use a search engine, you’re looking for content. Content can be in text form, like a blog post or a web page. Content can also be a video, product recommendation, or a business listing.

3. Links

Any link from a domain that search engines consider an authority will naturally have high quality. In other words, links from websites that have good quality links pointing to them will yield better results. By increasing your search visibility, you can bring more visitors, and in turn, conversions and sales. And that's well worth the time spent on SEO. (Source: Hubspot Blog)

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