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Successful Email Campaigns

How to Execute an Email Marketing Campaign

  1. Use an email planning template.

  2. Identify your goal for the campaign.

  3. Understand who you're emailing.

  4. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer persona.

  5. Build a targeted list and define enrollment criteria.

  6. Determine the timeline you want the campaign to run.

  7. Plan your emails and follow-ups.

  8. Write click-worthy subject lines.

  9. Write copy that's suited for them.

  10. Create your brand assets.

  11. Put it all together with a comprehensive email builder.

  12. Include clear calls to action.

  13. Include personalization elements.

  14. Always provide a way for them to opt out.

  15. Test your emails and make sure they work on all devices.

  16. Monitor your metrics.

(Source: Hubspot Blog)

Back to School

Although school is in service, there is still opportunity to target parents with school-aged children in email campaigns. These campaigns shouldn’t be just about getting people to buy; you should also use it to help your audience. In addition to showcasing your products, find ways to become a helpful resource for your audience. A simple way to do this is to offer tips to having a successful school year. For example, share tips on getting good sleep, eating healthy meals and snacks, and reading.

We wish all the students, teachers, staff, and administration a safe, healthy, and happy school year!

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