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SCAMPER refers to a series of thought sparkers which help you to innovate on an existing product or service by looking through seven different lenses:

  • Substitute: What would happen to the project if we swapped A for B?

  • Combine: What would happen to the project if we combined A and B?

  • Adapt: What changes would need to be made to adapt this project to a different context?

  • Modify: What could we modify to create more value on this project?

  • Put to another use: What other uses or applications might this project have?

  • Eliminate: What could we remove from the project to simplify it?

  • Reverse: How could we reorganize this project to make it more effective?

The most powerful ideas require teamwork, creative thinking and different perspectives. With the SCAMPER method, your team can harness everyone’s point of view to improve on ideas and reach the best decisions.

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