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Marketing Projections for 2023

  • Short-form video is the most effective trend 2023 with the highest return on investment (ROI).

  • Over 1 in 4 marketers currently leverage influencer marketing, which offers the 2nd highest ROI than any other trend. Luckily it can be leveraged with short-form video to take advantage of both of the highest ROI trends.

  • Customer service through social media DMs will increase 2023.

  • Leveraging a blog or website with an effective SEO strategy continues to be a powerful tool to attract and convert leads.

  • Humanizing your brand adopts a more relatable and personable communication style when interacting with customers instead of standard business jargon.

  • Data-driven marketers will win in 2023 by reaching their target audience more effectively, creating more effective marketing content, understanding which marketing strategies are most effective, increasing the ROI of their marketing efforts, and proving the value of their marketing and activities.

(Source: The HubSpot Blog)

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