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Changes in Social Media since "Shelter at Home" Order

With isolation comes social media. And so as one would suspect, social media trends have changed drastically in the past couple of weeks. Facebook released a statement last week, accounting that messaging usage has gone up more than 50% and app usage has increased up to 70% here.

Our INSPYR social media team pulled data from our local businesses to see just how much the “shelter at home” order has impacted our clients' social media trends.

As a reminder, impressions are the number of times your content has been displayed to social media users. Content can be shown multiple times to the same person. Social Media Reach is the total number of people who see your content.

As you can see, there has been a major increase in multiple industries. Let’s dive into a few of these industries individually.

Social media growth results for Banking has shown the highest rate of increase of all the industries statistics. Impressions have increased as much as 357%, engagement increased 917% and reach increased 395%.

Having a plan of action in place for “social distancing” orders and addressing through the proper channels has put the customers at ease during this time of uncertainty. Right now, more than ever, is a time for the banking community to show strength in a time of uncertainty.

Real Estate impressions have increased as much as 305% and reach showed an increase of 70%.

Not only has social media usage gone up because of simply being home more, but it is also important to acknowledge that keeping up with real estate trends during economic uncertainty is top of mind for consumers.

Restaurant impressions has shown growth of 278% and reach increased 110%.

Restaurants have been forced to shift all of their service to curbside pickup and/or delivery. Some have had to adapt with new, innovative family meals, kits or started up a delivery service for the first time. We have, fortunately, seen an outpouring of support for local restaurant engagement on social media.

Retail impressions have increased 136% and reach has also increased by as much as 104%.

Once again, with “sheltering at home” comes more screen time entertainment. While screen time increases, retail engagement will increase as well. This could be a way to pass the time but could very possibly also be a need for something that a person cannot go out and buy in store right now.

We understand as a local advertising agency that the “shelter at home” orders have greatly affected local businesses and how they conduct business. We also realize this does not always look the same for every industry.

Please keep in mind that if you are struggling to find a way to adapt to our new “normal” that we are here to help. We are a local Central Illinois agency who truly cares about our local businesses and we want to help if needed. So, if you need creative ideas, advertising options, and general marketing consultation. INSPYR understands the importance of continuing to market your business name and offerings during this time even if your business has closed or is limited due to government restrictions. How can we help support your business?

We are offering the following for all local businesses:

✅ FREE :30 Virtual Meeting ✅ FREE Creative Messaging ideas for your business ✅ FREE Marketing Consultation ✅ Waived Setup fees for any social or digital advertising ✅ Reduced management fees for all digital or social advertising executed by INSPYR Agency

Call (309) 660-3101 to set up a virtual meeting today.

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