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Brainstorm Technique

Brainstorming ideas is important to every marketing strategy.

The SCAMPER brainstorming technique encourages brainstormers to look at an idea from different angles using the acronym to inspire each lens:

  • Substitute: consider what would happen if you swapped one facet of a solution for another.

  • Combine: consider what would happen if you combined one facet of a solution with another.

  • Adapt: consider how you could adapt an idea or solution in a new context.

  • Modify: consider how you can modify an idea to make it higher impact.

  • Put to another use: consider how else you could leverage your idea.

  • Eliminate: consider what you could remove from the idea or solution so that it’s simplified.

  • Reverse effective: finally, consider how you could reorganize an idea to make it most effective.

When used in a group brainstorming session, you might want to use templates to track responses or pair the SCAMPER method with a brainwriting session to encourage all brainstormers to evaluate ideas from every angle.

(Source: Asana)

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