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Ashley Stevenson, Sr. Social Media Manager, Inspyr Agency

Ashley Stevenson, Sr. Social Media Manager, was born and raised in Bloomington-Normal and has a strong love for our community. Ashley is a mom and step-mom to four beautiful children, as well as a wife, sister, daughter, and a friend to many. Let's dive into more facts about our team member.

Me: How would your family describe you as a child?

Ashley: I actually texted my mom to ask her this question, her response: "Independent, stubborn, shy, emotional, and sometimes sweet".

Me: What did you want to be when you grew up?

Ashley: A mom. Always a mom, with a big family.

Me: What was your very first job ever?

Ashley: I was a hostess at Ruby Tuesday's

Me: What are some of your most favorite things/hobbies?

Ashley: I used to paint and draw a lot, now I don't have the time as a parent, but I definitely miss it! Now I just enjoy Netlfix, coffee, and shopping when I get some free time!

Me: What is a little known fact about you? Any unknown talents?

Ashley: I played Volleyball for a few years as a teenager. Before I switched and became a marketing major, I actually went to school to be a reporter (major was broadcasting my freshman year).

Me: Who would you most like to meet (celebrity, public figure, etc.)?

Ashley: I have no idea actually, I really don't have a "favorite" singer, actor, politician, anything!

Me: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Ashley: Turks and Caicos. Hopefully for my 10-year wedding anniversary!

Me: Is there anything you would like to share about you or your family?

Ashley: We are a blended family, I have a 14 year old step son, and then my husband and I have 3 children together as well. Can't forget our fur baby, Remi! I am also very close with my parents, and my sister Kelsey.

Ashley adores family and is passionate about marketing small businesses and national brands. She has vast experience in social media, email campaigns, content creation, branding, and creating and implementing an overall marketing strategy. Ashley is very efficient, organized, and a go-getter. We are so blessed to have Ashley on our Inspyr team!

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