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4 Reasons to Hire a Media Buyer

Media buying can be an intricate process from establishing a media plan to executing it and assessing the outcome. If you are not in the media buying business, it can be a lot to manage. Working with a media buying agency allows you to focus on operating your business while we focus on the media details to help your business grow.

Here are 4 reasons you should hire an agency for your media buying needs to get the biggest impact with your advertising budget:

1. Unbiased Media Recommendations: Media buyers do not represent any one media outlet and therefore there is no incentive to steer you toward one media platform over another. Recommendations are based solely on helping you reach your target market and overall marketing objectives. We evaluate multiple television/radio stations, newspapers/magazines, billboards, etc. to align your product or service with the right customers and with the right media outlet.

2. Negotiating Power: As a full-service media buying agency, we know how to leverage your advertising dollars to get the best rates. At INSPYR, we have developed relationships with local media outlets and their representatives to buy and negotiate competitive rates. We are in continuous contact with our media reps and therefore are presented with new promotional opportunities on a regular basis. We evaluate all the opportunities, work to get you specific incentives that align with your business and present you with the best possibilities while weeding out the ones that we know are not a good fit.

3. Experience: We are in the trenches negotiating media all the time. Being constantly in the market means a greater understanding of how media rates fluctuate. Media rates can differ not only during certain times of year, but also within specific times and days for certain media platforms. We work to get your ads in the most advantageous dayparts with the best rates possible and know exactly when and where your ad will run to reach your target customer. In addition, we work with multiple clients across different industries and therefore have a unique perspective on how media strategies work for different types of businesses. Our experience helps us carry success from one client to another from effective campaigns to coming up with fresh ideas for tackling your biggest challenges and finding your best audiences.

4. Convenience & Time: We handle the dirty work. From the items mentioned above to the details of trafficking spots, reconciling invoices and measuring the media effectiveness. All of these tasks are important and take time to learn and perform efficiently. We take the time to do it while you can take the time to focus on your business. You know your business. We know how to market it.

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