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Customer Appreciation and Video Marketing


Happy Thanksgiving from the Inspyr Agency Team! We are grateful for your business all year long and especially during the season of gratitude. Enjoy your day of fun and good food with your loved ones!

Customer Appreciation

Taking time to thank your customers, whether it’s through a handwritten note, discount, or gift, goes a long way. This can be done at Thanksgiving time and throughout the year.


12 Types of Video Marketing

1. Demo Videos 2. Brand Videos 3. Event Videos 4. Expert Interviews

5. Educational or How-To Videos 6. Explainer Video 7. Animated Videos 8.Case Study and Customer Testimonial Videos 9. Live Videos 10. 360° & Virtual Reality Videos 11. Augmented Reality (AR) Videos 12. Personalized Messages



Front: Ashley Stevenson, Kristin Moore, Kathy Aiello, Nikki Knack

Back: Laura Burrows, Kristin Booth, Kelli Frerichs, Amy Gammelgard

Not Pictured: Casey Parker and Shannon Lewis

At Inspyr Agency, we believe in a unique and customized marketing strategy for each and every client. Let us be an extension of your team. Book your free consultation online today!

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